Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yesterday, I was talking with a fellow homeschooling moms about typical school stuff. Ya' know ~> curriculum, finding time for co-ops, best places to get good deals on supplies, end of year evaluations, testing, etc. With June just around the corner most kids are out for the summer and parents are now trying to figure out the next school year. Since we use mostly online curriculum, we use alot of printable worksheets like Spelling printables, Math printables, etc. I think for me this is the best money saving tip I could give. Buying them already done can get kinda expensive IMO. Many times your left with pages you didn't need or you need more pages then you have! If you print or make them yourself you can make as many as you need. I mean yes! I have bought some school zone work books at Wal-mart, but still I prefer my printables. Anyways, If anyone else would like to add a tip, please go ahead & share :)

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