Friday, July 27, 2012

Free haircuts, Great deals & Games O'My!

One of the best things I love and my children I am sure, about homeschooling, is being able to teach and have fun at the same time. Learning games is one of the ways I accomplish that! Playing games like Scrabble, hang man, online games, ABC games, root word games, etc...  Just makes school so much more fun ;)

On another homeschooling note, I have been doing some major stocking up on school supplies. With all these sales going on, I have been buying a lot of Crayon boxes, crayons, pencils, markers, paper, glue, folders, binders, flash cards, work books,etc, etc..  I just love taking advantage of such Great deals. I can not wait till tax free time so I can REALLY save some money !

Speaking of good deals ~> Apparently, JCPenney, during the month of August is offering FREE hair cuts to all K-6th Graders.

This FREE offer is available by appointment only, so I’d recommend calling very soon to book your appointment.

Unit next time...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We saw Brave, etc!

So, last night we made it to the theater and finally watched the movie Brave. It was such a good movie! Even though it was geared toward children, I feel it was a movie that all ages would enjoy. I have to say it is now my new favorite Disney movie. I won't get into the movies details for those who have not watched it yet ( do not want to spoil it for anyone). All I can say is, it is a must see!

On the homeschooling front, my daughter is loving those multiplication lessons, seriously! She is like, "Mom! These are fun!" She says she enjoys doing them over regular addition. Besides that, I have been having  her do some matching definitions work and of course lots of reading. As far as my son, I just bought him a new Scooby game for his leap frog. ( He has been playing it for days now )

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer, Until next time...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brave-ing homeschool Math Fractions

We have been Brave-ing alot of fraction lessons this past week for our homeschool math. Even my youngest who is only 5 years old has been participating. Where as my daughter has been learning number fractions my son has been doing more hands on. For instants, I took a banana and asked him if this was a whole banana or a piece of banana? He would say whole. I would then cut it in half and say half a banana or whole? He would answer half, etc... I went on to place a whole banana, then a half and then a quarter and asked him to tell me which was which. He loved this fraction lesson as he got to eat the banana's after it was done! He is mommy's lil monkey :)

Speaking of being "Brave" , we are getting ready to go see the Movie Brave! My daughter already has the Meredith doll and the Ds Brave game (which included one free movie pass ). So, the next thing is to actually go watch the movie! I will give my thoughts and my children's thoughts about the Movie next week, so stayed tuned!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks isn't the only thing to happen this week...

So, I hope everyone had a Fun & Safe 4th of July last night! We sure did! It was so nice, the town we went to. The show wasn't as long as some I have seen, but the quality of the fireworks was really nice. The important thing of course was that my kids really enjoyed it :)

On other news we have a dog! Yes, I said it, a D-O-G!!!!  I am still in shock myself, lol! I have not had one in over 5 years and with good reason. I do love pets, but I just haven't been in a place where I was ready to have one since our last dog passed away. So, how did this happen? Well, my husband was driving down the road when this car stopped in front of him and just tossed this dog out in the street! My husband pulled up and got the poor dog before it got ran over :(   His plans were to just take it to a shelter, but when he brought it home my kids fell in love with this dog ( we think its about 4-6 months old, so more like a puppy) Since we live in a RV at the moment the thought of WTH am I thinking has ran through my mind at least 100 times, but I know other people manage this. The momma in me of course wants to make my children happy, but also another part of me misses having a pet around too. She has been with us a week so far and I am very hopeful that things will work for us ;)

On the homeschooling front! Where most parent are getting ready for the upcoming back to school year, my kids and I are still going at it full steam. Just today I had my oldest taking some spelling test online. With there end of year evaluations coming up next month, I want to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

Until next week....