Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Time

So, it is less than 24 hrs till T-Day and I am so excited! I just love the smell of my home, the day before, mostly because it is filled with the aroma of yummy foods.


All morning, I have been busy, preparing for tomorrow's feast. There is something so special knowing that most of the World, is also sitting down the same day, with family and friends  enjoying a wonderful meal, as they reflect on all they are thankful for.

Tomorrow,  we are planning on traveling down to my Brothers' new home, to meet up with Cousins, Siblings, Parents, Grand-parents, Uncles, in-laws, etc. That is why Thanksgiving is one of my Favorite times of the year. I have always looked forward to it because I get to catch up with all of the people, I care about :)

Of course, I have also had a busy week, with Thanksgiving themed Homeschool lessons. Even though, it has been a pretty light week, we did watch a Great Documentary on "Thanksgiving". It was on the History channel. I the had my oldest write an essay on the story. Then we did some themed puzzle games, coloring pages, and fun craft for Thanksgiving Day!
 (Below is instructions on you can do the craft at home too!)

                           Turkey Napkin Holders

Materials needed:

 * times these materials, by however many you need to make.
1. Toilet paper roll/paper towel roll cut to size
2. Paper plate, cut into halves
3.Orange construction paper, cut into triangles
4. Google eyes ( optional)
5.Markers or paints
6. Scissors
8. Paper clip or stapler (optional)
9. Paint brushes


1.Color or paint the roll brown
2. After you cut the paper plate in half, then color or paint in colors: brown, yellow and red
3. Once dry, paste google eyes, on roll or paint/color eyes on.
4. Paste orange triangle to roll
5. Paste roll to center of half plate. You can also use a paper clip or even staple it if you prefer to attach

Then all you need, is to insert a napkin, in to the roll and display them on your Thanksgiving Table!

Until Next time...

                                              I hope you all have a Happy


Friday, November 22, 2013

Analogy & Art Fun!

Even though, I Enjoy the cooler weather that November brings, I do not enjoy the Germs!
The past few days my oldest has had a Cold. This of course, has put a halt to lessons, I had planned this week with her.

So, for the past couple of days, I have been spending more time with my youngest, working on Art. When I was younger, I really enjoyed painting, but the past few years, I just have not been able to find time for myself to do so. So, I decided to get my canvas out and start my own Art project too. I am just in the early stages of my creation, but I will post my masterpiece when I am finished.
Until then Check out my lil Rembrandt, scenery, masterpiece.

Besides Art, I also have been working with my youngest on Spelling City. It a Great Spelling program, that even offers a free version.  His favorite lesson, yesterday, seemed to be the analogy video clips :)

Hopefully, my oldest will get over this cold soon. I have a bunch more Thanksgiving themed Homeschooling lessons I want to do next week.

Until Next Time...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Co-op Days & Leaf Turkey's

Yesterday, while taking my children to their local Co-op group, I met a new family that had recently joined. They were just getting started homeschooling and the "Mom" was asking tons of "how to" questions.

Example: What are homeschool requirements, what curriculum do you use, how many hours a day, week, etc., do you devote to lesson's??? She was litterly hanging on, every answer to her question, soaking it in like a sponge.  It made me remember back, when I first began homeschooling myself.
I too, was at a loss of what, how, etc. It's funny how fast we go from being nervous newbies, to confident veteran's ;)

In other homeschooling news, we had loads of Fun this week doing "Thanksgiving" themed craft. Below is one of my favorites.

                                                                 "Leaf Turkey's"

What you need:
1. Leaves ( you can also cut out paper leaves if preferred)
2. Construction paper: color's Brown, Orange, Red, and One in the color of your choice.
3. Google eyes (optional)
4. Glue
1. Take children out side to hunt for leaves ( if preferred, you can cut out leaves from paper to use)
2 Cut out two circles, one bigger then the other.
3. Cut out turkey feet in Brown or orange
4. Cut out a small triangle in orange for beak.
5. Cut out Turkey wattle in red.
6. Paste "leaves" on the colored paper of choice.
7. Paste smaller brown circle on the bottom center of the leaves.
8. Paste larger brown circle underneath the smaller brown circle.
9. Paste the turkey's legs under the larger brown circle.
10. Finish by pasting the eyes (can use a marker, etc. to draw eyes if preferred), beak, and wattle on the smaller brown circle.

                            Voila! Leaf Turkey complete!


                                     Until Next Time...




Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Week 1

                               What a Great 1st week of November!

The kids have finally devoured their Halloween Candy, thanks to Mom & Dad's help
(SSShhhhhhh!!!! Don't tell, lol!) Which means no more sugar energized kid's to wrangle, at least until the next Holiday that provides to many left over sweets :)

Pocahontas by Simon van de Passe 1616.jpg

On the Homeschool front, we have been busing this week with some Fun "Thanksgiving themed " printable worksheets. We also been having Fun with some Thanksgiving themed Spelling words too. By having my kids, put those Holiday themed words in ABC order, it really made the lesson a bit more Fun for them I think.

In addition, we also have been busy learning about the History of Thanksgiving. We learned all about The first Americans, The Northwest Passage, Henry Hudson, King James, Jamestown, Capt. John Smith, and Pocahontas.
~> I was very surprised to learn that Pocahontas was not an adult, when she first encountered Capt. John Smith. That she also married a white man and changed her name to Rebecca Rolfe. What was sad, however, was that she died in her early 20's. The story that Disney tells, is defiantly not very accurate.

                            (Below is a Photo of this weeks Lap book that my children made.)
Until Next Time...


Sunday, November 3, 2013

November is Here!

                           It 's Official!     has arrived!
                                               Seems like October just began doesn't it?
I hope everyone had a Fun, Safe, and Spooky Halloween. As usual, my kids got tons of candy and I got a day to recover, from all that walking, ouch!   
Seriously, though, it was a Fun night for all. Plus, we have been enjoying the yummy rewards, the past couple of days ~> 


On the Homeschool front, Since it is Sunday, we have yet to start any November themed lessons. Thankfully, our local Co-op is doing a unit on Pilgrims, etc. The extra homeschool help will defiantly be nice this month. Beside learning about the first Thanksgiving, etc. this month, I am planning on taking advantage of the Fall season and do a Fall weather lesson as well.

In addition, this month, my children will also be busy preparing for a Christmas Play! The play will be the first week of December. They are Super excited!
My oldest has been in a play once before, but it was several years ago and she had only one line.
This play, she has a pretty decent part to remember.
 For my youngest, however, this will be his first play :) 
                                                               Until Next Time...