Friday, April 29, 2011

Homeschooling in Florida

Ahhhhhh..... Homeschooling in Florida, anyone who lives in a place with similar heat will know that summers are for schooling (at least that's my opinion ) We personally school year round and when other are taking their "summer break" that's when are school really gets going ;-) We mainly take advantage of fall and spring months for our Vacation time, when its sooooooo nice.......
Florida really is a great place to home school a child, beside the fact that thier are so many groups and programs here that helps with support and socialisation, the laws are pretty fair too! ( must have either a TEST or evaluation by teacher once a year )
Sometimes I think about what it would be like to live in the mountains or in a colder climate but, then I think about our wonderful beaches and warm winters B-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Accidental homeschooler ~> NOT!

Accidental homeschooler ... A term I hear so many times used from other home-school parents. I remember once  when I attend a group for just homeschooling Moms, it was place to hang,vent and get support. At the very 1st meeting they had everyone say a lil something about themselves and their homeschooling life style. There were about 20 + ladies there and about 1/2 of them mentioned being a "accidental homeschooler" When they talked they sounded almost embarrassed like they never had any intention to home-school thier children and that this was a last resort for them. It honestly made me sad and when it was my turn I made it a point to let them Know that for me Homeschooling was Defiantly NO accident! I have always known that I would home-school my children. for me it is the only option and I am very proud to be a Homeschooling Mom :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day at the Beach

This past Thursday a fellow homeschooling mom with her two daughters invited my daughter and I & my niece to take a Beach day with them. I was Super excited to get away from the day to day and relax while I soaked up some color sigh.. This is one of the perks I Love about homeschooling :)

On the way I to the Beach we stopped off at a Mcdonalds to take a potty break (it took about 2 hrs to get to the Beach ) I took all 4 lil ladies to the bathroom where we ran into a older woman who went on to question what we were doing that day?? The question she really wanted to ask was why are they not in school!!! Even thou this is going on my 5th year homeschooling it still surprises me when people look at me like I am a unfit mother because my children are not in school. As if the thought of homeschooling never entered thier thought process... Maybe if people learned more about how homeschooling is becoming very much more of the norm, awkwardness like this would not have happened. I know there has to be articles online or books about homeschoolers out there, of course most people unless interested in this life style probably don't take the time to read them...

Anyways our day was so great!!! We finally made it to the Beach about noon and had a nice little picnic then me and my friend lay ed on the sand and watched the girls play in the sand and splash in the waves.... I did get some color, some being the shade of red ((blush)) but it was all worth it! Can't wait to go again B-)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Home-school Newbie

I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday and she has a lil boy who just turned  4yrs old this past month. She was telling me how she was not wanting to enroll her child next yearr in public or private school. She knew we home-schooled so as you can imagine she had TONS of question for me lol ;) The funny thing is I never seem to get tired about talking about this subject~> It was a good thing too we talked for about 2 hours!!!!
She was a bit nervous about her ability and social skills for her child ( every Newbies Fears!! )
I think that we have be brain washed growing up to think a certain way about school and education and I myself used to be just like her until I realised that kids are like lil sponges and they love to learn if you make it fun. I suggested to just start  doing some preschool games with her boy next year and then if she wanted she could add to it after she gained some confidence...
I think she felt better after our chat and I think she will make a Great Home-school Momma!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

TV & computer time is a Good thing

My son has been obsessed with using my computer lately, now mind you he is only 4 yrs old but he just loves getting on and playing games and watching educational videos.

   This is one of his favorites that he watches over and over lol !

I have always been one of those parents that find the TV and computer a good thing for my children to use ( within reason of course ) I think there is just so much to learn and benefit from the use of these devises. Between learning to read, counting, Why it rains, build vocabulary skills, etc ... Just very Thankful to live in an age to offer this to my children.

Isn't it funny how when we were kids that a home computer was extremely rare and TV well we might have had half the channels we have now. Sometimes I wonder what this world will be like at far as "tech" wise  when my kids have kids.. hmmmmmm.... ;)