Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Well, it's almost here! Christmas! It's that time of year that we love to embrace, the fantasy homeschool fiction style Holiday traditions ;?)
In our family we like to merge the fun of the holiday and the homeschooler in us, by not only having fun, but learning as well. First I like to sit down and remind my children, The reason for this wonderful season "Jesus"!

And  of course  it would not be Christmas with out Santa! So we always sit down before bed and read one of my favorite holiday traditions that my parents did with me as a child. Twas the night before Christmas, is my all time favorite poem, and every year we always read it together before we all go to sleep, to await for the magic of "Santa" to happen ;)

We really all have had soooo much fun the past few days making cookies, wrapping presents, watching Christmas shows on T.V, and fun holiday music games ! I am just loving having two kids with the  perfect ages ( 4yrs and 10 yrs) They have made this years Holiday season filled with so much wonder, awe, and pure innocent amazement <3

~> Of course all good things must come to an end. Luckily we still have one more day till it ends lol! So I am going to end it here on that wonderful note.
 Here's to wishing everyone A Happy & Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kids, they grow up so fast...

Kids grow up so fast don't they? Seems like just yesterday I was one myself lol! Now, I have two little one's ((love)). My oldest just turned Ten years old ( already a dbl digit wow! ) and my youngest is four years old. Of course I am enjoying watching them grow and learn, becoming lil people. Today I have been thinking about what next steps I need to take with their education. Now with my youngest almost five years old, making sure he has a good phonics curriculum is very important in my opinion. We have had so much fun last year with his pre-k  curriculum, learning via preschool games, etc. This year so far, we have mainly  been doing a lot of review and easing into Kindergarten level material. I really do  think he is now 100% ready to be a serious Kinder learner! My oldest however, is at a different level. I have noticed that she is taking a pro active approach to what she is interested in, which make me so happy :-)  Seems like with each child and each age, learning at home changes and evolves. I know we are still in this school year, but I am already looking forward to next!

Hope Everyone Is Having A Wonderful Holiday!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yep! I'm A Gamer

I have decided I am going to buy a bunch of games this year for Christmas. I remember having so much fun growing up playing them with my mom, dad, brothers.. They were so much Fun! Whether your a child or an adult, there will always be something we all have enjoyed playing at one time or another. I know growing up one of my favorite games was Monopoly, I loved it! (nothing like bankrupting friends and family to put a huge grin on yer face lol! ) I still love playing games, I will admit I am an online gamer ((blush)) and Yes! I am addicted to those Facebook games too ((dble blush)). I also get on Pogo and Yahoo and play. Scrabble and Canasta, and Backgammon are my top 3 I play. Of course I am not the only ones in my house who plays games online, my hubby is into Poker and my kids love those kindergarten games, Disney games, Nick Jr, and hink pink online...
~> Can you believe Christmas is 2 weeks away?  Hope everyone is enjoying all of their holiday shopping!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Homeschool ADHD

So I am not sure if I have ever mentioned that my mother has an adopted daughter who just turned 13 years old. I love my little sister... But, i'll admit it would have been nicer if we were closer in age lol ;)
So anyways, My Mom has be getting very frustrated lately. She says that it is harder to ahem! as she would put it, " homeschool ADHD "  I think any parent has times where they think they have it harder than anyone else... My mom still comes from a time where she thinks children should be learning 8 hours a day, like in a class room, sitting still, pay attention like perfect pupils. She has not yet been  de-schooled, or has taken her reality check in yet either... I of course comforted here, let her vent, told her that kids are going to be kids, and reassured her that it is better that she is homeschooling, especially since her daughter,( my sister) has ADHD. I really hope I helped her feel better, I think she is doing an amazing job homeschooling. So that is about what's been going on with me lately. 
     Hope every one is enjoying the Holidays and staying warm!