Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat Time!

Yay!!!! Its almost time to go Trick or Treating <):?)- 
My kids are SUPER excited & I cant blame them,Halloween has always been one of my Favorite times of the year.
So to enjoy this festive time we have taken a break this week on our School work & have been focusing on some fun!
Last week I took my daughter  Costume shopping and she of course changed her mind a Billjillion times but, Finnally decided on being a  "Good" Witch & my son who is on 3 years wanted to be a Ghost.
Well my daughters costumed took me for $15!!!<~~crazy that much for cheap polyester aghhhh ! & all the the ghost costumes were a bit too scary and honestly too exspensive for something I can do at home with a plain white sheet..So after purchasing a white sheet a ghost mask from Yes! the $$ store Viola all done ~~>Less then $6 all together $-)
Halloween Day we will  carve our Jack O'laterns and then get ready to go into town ,This year our city is hosting a Costume Contest,My daughter is so thrilled !!!!This will be her 1st one ever..Afterwards we plan to start the Trick or Treating till about 9:30pm then we will end with some Yummy Pizza .
Of course Saftey 1st ,No one is allowed to eat any candy till it is checked out by the Candy police~~>AKA MOMMY!! LOL ;)
On another note,I am looking forward to getting back into the school grind again,At a Used Books sale I purchased a teach your child to speak spanish program ,I have personally always wanted to learn how to speak another Language .So we are really going to focus on that for november ~~>check back for some progress updates :-D
So to end this Blog I want to wish every One a SAFE and  Spooky Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home-school Goodies

Just the other day I was talking to another "home-school" mom and the topic of our states standardized testing came up.She was exsplaining how she dreads trying to prepare her kids every year but,that this last year she found these Online SAT courses that have made it so much less stressful on everyone.Even thou I am fortunate enough to live in a state that allows you to use Teacher evaluations in place of state test, I went ahead and kept my personal choice quiet and let her Brag about her new found goodie ;)

Speaking of Goodies,In about 4 days I will be getting a new wireless card that allow me to use several computers at once with just one internet!!! I am super excited since my son is now really starting to do his lessons on a more regular bases,It has been a bit more work only having one computer at a time.I am hoping that with have two computers and internet going at once it will free up more time for interest projects and Fun craft time !!

Home-school goodies that is was makes this job of ours so sweet :-p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home- schooling Curriculum

O today I was at a P.E "Play group" and while our kids were busy playing soccer ,We mommas were sitting on the side lines chatting away.Of course at some point in the conversation the topic of home-schooling curriculum always gets brought up.Let me tell you hearing how stressed out and over worked both the kids and parents were just made me feel so thankful that my curriculum is so easy for me and my kids to use ,Its fun for the kids and less stressful for me ,Because I don't have to worry about putting it all together myself .

Sometimes when I talk to the other home-school parents I get the sense that they feel like their child has to learn this now and you have to spend X amount of time on this.I just don't go by that philosophy,I am so for looking for your child's interest,Looking for cues to know if they need more time or are ready to go forward,taking the time to really learn and enjoy it.

Lately I have been toiling around with the idea of adding some homeschool writing classes to my schooling.Since My gal is becoming such a good reader,I really want to help strengthen that area for her & I am thinking she is about at the age to do this ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

X= Multiplication Math

Now that my daughter is knee deep into her 3rd grade year,We have went from simple math to yes MULTIPLICATION!!!!

Unfortunately the concept of this type of Math is a bit aggravating for my daughter to get .Just yesterday she asked,why is everything X 0=0??? I tell you if it wasn't for the interactive math program I would be pulling my hair trying to figure out how to make learning this easier for her.

I think what has helped the most so far is the online math flash cards she has been using,They are Awesome! Really has made practicing everyday easier on the both of us ;)

I am just so Glad we live in "2010" where my daughter will not have to endure how we had to learn,Ya'know writing with pencil and paper each X's table hundreds of times ,So that they get drilled into our heads.

Sometimes I wonder how we all managed to get a Good education with out this Great Invention called the computer/Internet combo ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's October !!!!!

I can not tell you how Excited I am to start doing "Holiday" themed projects with my kids.
I know that for some Holiday starts with Thanksgiving & Christmas,But not for me I like the Spooky month of October.I feel that even Christians can celebrate Halloween with no problem,If done in a innocent playful way.I view this month as celebrating the Dead like the people of Mexico do.To think of all your loved ones who have passed & to allow your children to view the 31st day of the year as a Big Fun dress up party where every one comes to get candy and just have some spooky fun !!So this month in addition to our regular curriculum,I have printed out some cute Fall themed  coloring pages and connect the dots for my son.For my daughter I have been using all things Halloween in everything I can.For science we are going to learn bout the human skeleton ,Also There is this Great Site called Spelling City,They have it where you can put in 5,10,15 ect ect words at a time and It will help teach them how to spell & read the words.My daughter loves the games and I like that I can customise them to what ever I want .Our Spelling List this month includes words like ,Halloween,Witch,Candy,Spooky,Ghost among her regular spelling words.
We are also going to visit a pumpkin patch this year and learn about how long it takes for a pumpkin to get Big enough to make a Jack O'latern out of  ,Of course once carved the seeds will be used to make a yummy snack.