Friday, February 25, 2011

A Fraction of a pie

This school year has been going pretty well so far. My kids have really seemed to enjoy and move through their school lessons swimmingly. Everything was going just lovely until Yes! The dreaded fraction lessons, let me just say I am so glad I have those online math games available. I am not gonna lie, Math can be a hard subject to teach and learn. There is only right and wrong answers and you have to learn the formula to figure them out.
 I do try to make it fun thou, I like to show fractions in real life situation as to help my kids get a feel of why they important to learn.
 A few days ago I had the kids help me make a Pizza. They helped by  measuring out the ingrd. etc
Knowing that having the right amount of this or that can make  a difference in how a food taste, I think  really showed the importance of learning fractions.
So once cooked I also showed them that cutting the pie up gave everyone one a fraction of the pie and I had my oldest tell me what fraction of the pie she was eating. I feel doing things like that really help in the hands on learning process.

Yes!!!!!!!!!! it was Yummy :)~ lol

Friday, February 18, 2011

Home schooling on the Road

So My husband and I have seriously been thinking about going on the road for awhile with the kids in our Travel trailer. I of course am Leary but also excited at the idea of such a learning adventure for our kids. My mom of course has asked me how are we going to homeschool on the road? Typical mom question,right?

I am not worried too much thou since my kids do most of their learning online. The other things we do, like spelling lists and art projects I am sure we can make work even in a tight space KWIM.

So again not sure when or if but I can tell you that if it happens you will be the 1st to know and share my home-school road journey with ; )

Sunday, February 13, 2011


If you are not aware,we use a Online program Curriculum for our kids. Now I have been asked at my local home school group recently, what about seat work? A lot of people may hear "Online" and think O' I am going to have to buy separate curriculum for Handwriting worksheets etc...

With Time4Learning this just is not the case! They offer Fee home school printables. Of course if you crave more then what they offer then you will be happy to know that the Internet has so many sites that offer again Free home school printables LOL ;)

We have been using them for over 3 years now and honestly my kids have not needed for me to buy any book curriculum seat work....

Anyways just wanted to clear this up .....

Happy homes Schooling Everyone!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of homeschooling, A question that I have pondered and been asked many many times.

 So here are 5 reasons I have come up with  in my opinion


1. Freedom~Educational, Physical, Emotional & Religious
I love being able to decided how and whtat my children are learning.
I like that my kids get to get more exersise and be able to learn about God freely.

2.Closer family ties
I love that I get to be with my kids all the time and watch them learn.

3.Well rested children
When I was growing up I remember how I hated getting up before the sun even rose and waiting at the bus stop to go to school, the truth is I was always too tired to really pay attention for my 1st period. I like that my kids can get a good nights rest an wake up in the A.M at a normal time and not be tired and then can really focus on thier studies

4. Can be made fun with Learning games
School doesn't have to be boring....It can also be Fun!

5. Less waisted time
In a nut shell takes a shorter amount of tuime to do the same amount of work


1. Can pose challenge in a house hold where both parents work

2. more of a Financial burden ( thou it pales in comparrison to private school and may even equal out if you caculate scholl clothes, food and transportation costs)

3.Must have full parental envolvement

4.Again must make an effort for socialization oppurtunitys

5. Can be stressful