Saturday, January 24, 2015

What are Home-school looks like for February

Wow! Hard to believe that the first month into 2015 is almost over. I have to admit that this past few weeks have been slow in our homeschool, mainly because we have been battling GERMS!!!!. 

Seemed like every well day we had, we had two sick ones :/ We did, however, utilize lots of educational videos and online learning games. I figured even when you feel too ill to sit down at a table etc., you can still watch educational TV/videos and play fun games online while in bed, laying on a couch, etc. 

Even though the kiddos have enjoyed their time off of the regular school day, thankfully we are over the worse and are ready to reboot our homeschool for the New Year. 

With February, aka “Valentine’s Day” around the corner we will be focusing now on V-Day themed crafts, poems ( we will be using one of my fav freebies "SpellingCity" using poems I find), and learning about the cardiovascular system (The Heart) over the next several weeks. I also am planning on teaching my oldest how to tell your blood type with a kit I ordered.

                                        Until Next Time <3 <3 <3