Saturday, November 26, 2011

What A Crazy Turkey Day!

So I hope everyone had a Wonderfully "Yummy!" Thanksgiving :)~  
This year's was especially wonderful since my mom moved closer to me recently<3 It was so nice to be able to go to her house this year. My brother and his family came and we all got to spend some much needed time together. The kids also had a Great time too. They loved being able to see their cousins and of course pig out on goodies lol! My mom had decided to have some crafts and nature games for this kids to do this year. They made candy cane ornaments out of beads and wire and then she had them go outside and collect leaves and pine cones to decorate for yes! more Christmas tree ornaments 

On the Down side, I did manage to venture out for Black Friday sales... I was so excited this year and had done my research (like any good homeschooling momma lol ) and knew what I wanted, which stores had it, and which stores started their sale at what times. So first I knew I would go check out Walmart, but when I went there to do a quick sweep of the merchandise I learned that the 600ct sheets I wanted were spoken for. Apparently they only had 3 yes! 3 in the king size and there were already 3 ladies in line for them (this was 2 hours to sale time). So then I said okay let check out Toys-R-us since their sale started at 9pm an hour before Walmart. Well lets just say, imagine a Walmart parking lot long ways and that's how long this line was. We were told that there was also a 400 person max. allowed at once in the store... So my husband and I out of curiosity waited to see how much of the line would make it in, Not even half!  Now the craziest, we went to Best Buy and ~>people had tents! Apparently these lines had started days before.... I have went to Blitz sales every year and Never have I seen anything like this... We decided to go home, but I talked my husband in to checking our local smaller Walmart ( we had to drive an hour to get to a city that had the bigger stores)  on the way home to see if I could get some of those sheets.. Well I walked in and almost immediately I was stuck in an isle with people as far as the eyes could see, needless to say after 30 mins I had had enough! I had to fight my way cutting through taped off area to escape the anxiety inducing mob...
So I have decided that I will NEVER again do Black Friday! Next year, may be back to the normal amount of crazy, but I think I rather just pay full price from now on then risk that scene ever again!   Till next week, Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Creativity, equals fun & learning

With holiday almost here, I know if your anything like me you are super busy! So when your kids need that extra help/Tutoring  in their school work it can be the last thing you wanna deal with at the moment. Thankfully I have discovered that it doesn't have to be just about having someone come in and help teach or taking that extra time to help teach your child your self. What I mean is even if your child needs extra help in a subject, and you don't have a lot of time, you can think outside the box.
~>Recently, I have noticed that my daughters handwriting has been well, not good. So, I decided I would have my daughter write a story, she would create. She had sooooo much fun creating all the characters and their adventures. She was so invested she even took extra time making her penmanship perfect : )   Now I could have had her write boring sentences etc, but like I said you can think outside the box and make boring fun, even if you don't have the time ;)

Happy Homeschooling & Happy holidays!  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


                      In case you didn't know already, we are a family of roadschoolers! What is roadschooling? Well, it is anyone who either home-schools part or full time, while either living in a RV or travels in either a RV or by car for part or all of the year . I know, I know, the idea seems nuts right? Well, when my husband first suggested we live in a RV when we lost our home due to his recent disability, I thought it sounded a lil out there myself. I wondered how are we going to make this work with our children? There were of course the concerns of space and comfort when living day to day life. Unfortunately, for many of us down sizing is something many of us have to do. Most may only have to look at a smaller home, but some whether by choice or not have to go one step further. After careful thought, we knew this seemed like the best option. I knew it would not be all bad, being able to see this country of ours was a nice thought and the idea of not being tied down to one location seemed like a refreshing change of pace. 
So how have I made living in a 36 foot travel trailer work with a family of 4. First I put in a real twin size bed ( trundle) in the living area. This gives both my kids their own bed and does double duty as a couch. I took out the  built in dining, and use a folding table set. This makes it easy to have extra space by folding it up when need be. I also bought a big rubber cabinet with 5 shelves to store all of my children's toys. Yes, even thou we may be in a RV, my kids still need to have their toys : )  As far as homeschooling, I bought a filing container for all of my unit study's papers/printables and I bought a laptop for my children to use for their Time4Learning. Online curriculum's are so nice when you are short on storage space.
Isn't it funny how life twists and turns and just when you think the road your on is straight as far as the eye can see, it can throw big hills to climb from time to time. Its been about 6 months since we have become a "family on the road". It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I am looking forward to the many places I will get to see. I know  someday we will have that Big home again, but I do not think we will ever not travel. Whether part or full time we will always be a roadschooling family!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is it Black Friday yet?

            I hope every one had a Fun Halloween <];?)`     We had a blast! My kids got soooooo much candy.
So now it is on to the next Holiday, Thanksgiving ! I know alot of people can not wait till they get to eat Turkey, but for me I am sooo looking forward to Black Friday sales $-) I am getting giddy just thinking about it ((blush)) lol.... I have always loved getting a good deal whether its coupons on grocery, affordable/free homeschooling curriculum like SpellingCity or time4writing's homeschool writing courses, or super discounted store items. Last year I waited 6 hours in line at wal-mart for a Dsi for my daughter, crazy maybe, but it was too good a deal ;)

So wish me luck this year!