Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moments that make you Smile :)

All words that i can use to describe what i felt today ...

This morning i woke and decided to get on the computer....I had not been on 20 mins, When my daughter who is 8 comes in..MOM!!! can i get on and do some Science? (grinning from ear to ear)

Part of me was thinking ,Dang't just signed on to check my mail..but ,the mom in me was like i suppose i can do that later..

Okay..I will turn on your Time4Learning..Yay!!! she says ..LOL ;)

I am not kidding,It had Not been 1/2 an hour..I hear the kids Gripping & whining!..
I run in What's going on!!!!  Mom,she says.....He's messing with my work!!!.(he is my son who is just 3 BTW)......Then he starts yellin,I wanna do MOUSE!!!!I wanna do MOUSE!!!!I wanna do MOUSE!!!!

Okay i know sibling fights are not good..aggravating to say the least..Yelling at mom was defiantly something that deserved a time out....but I have to admit this one time  i let it go......
I mean How many parents get to say that their children actually fight over who gets to do their school work :)