Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It’s Christmas Eve and all through my house not a creature is stirring… Well, except me, my husband, and may kid’s lol ;)

This past week has been a busy one for our family. Lots of Christmas cleaning (We always scrub our home down before Santa arrives. We don’t want Santa to think we are slobs, I tell my children to get them more willing to help).  We have also been getting in some last minute holiday shopping too. This year has been harder for me on the gift giving for my oldest. She turned 13 years old earlier this month and is pretty much out of the “toy” stage. So, it has gotten more difficult to figure out what to buy her. My son who is 7 was easy, which in turn made it even harder to buy for my daughter, as I didn’t want the number of gifts to be too lopsided. Most of my shopping has been done online. I LOVE shopping online! It is so much easier to find and buy certain items online then in a store. Plus, I love not having to brave those busy stores. Unfortunately, I waited till the last minute and some of the items I wanted to purchase could not be shipped in time. So, I had to go out yesterday anyways. It always amazes me how ill stocked the department stores are each year. So many shelves with barely anything left. People buying whatever they could find; just sad. Thankfully, I did find a few items the kids wanted, but some things were already bought out :/

Hopefully, Santa will bring what I couldn’t locate, even if he has to drop it off later when his elves get it made.  We also been signing, addressing, and stamping Christmas cards. I think I mailed them out in time…  We have also been busy wrapping gifts, which the kids always enjoy this part the most. Why they think they need 4 inches of tape, where a one inch will work, is beyond me?!  I did not have too much to wrap myself this year, as I for one bought gift certificates for most of my family and friends. Mainly to places like Wal-mart, but I also bought some of my homeschool friends gift certificates to Time4Learning.  I never considered it before, but my friend had mentioned to me last week that she was looking for a new fourth grade homeschool curriculum for her son. That she was dreading having to researching curriculums again. So, I thought why not give her a T4L Gift certificate ;)

Anyways, today is Christmas Eve and my kids are so excited for tonight to come. It is the one night of the year that I do not have to tell them to go to bed, lol. Of course, we have a few traditions that we do before we turn in for the night. 

We cook holiday cookies, watch Holiday movies 
(Frosty is my Favorite). 

We also build gingerbread houses, read a book that tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, and of course we set out milk and goodies for Santa.

 What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

 Until Next Time...