Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween time

      Can you believe that it is almost Halloween! SCARY isn't it! It feels as if summer had just started and now its fall again. Before we know it this school year will be over and we will all be worrying about standardized tests for homeschoolers or homeschool evaluations once again. It can be so easy to think too far ahead into the future and really stress over what is to come. I know I am guilty of that from time to time ((blush)). I think I have just come to a point in my life where the concept of time has actually set in and it has given me this  feeling as if every year goes by more quickly then before. (( Time is soooo precious! ))
So this past month I have really been enjoying  Halloween in our daily lessons. The kids have been doing a pumpkin unit study which has been really fun for them. They learned all about the pumkin and did some copy work, fun crossword puzzle,  and coloring pages too! We are also planning on having some fun family time by going  costume hunting this weekend and  buying a pumpkin to carve. Then its off to a friends house for a bonfire and hay rides for the kiddos.

                                     I hope every one has a SAFE & Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogging, You can do it!

So the other day I was hanging out with one of my girl friends. She had mentioned to me that she loved my blog and wished she could start one herself ( So flattered! ). I love blogging! I just enjoy being able to speak from the heart. When I get on here whether its about homeschooling, or a special event, just sharing my thoughts, and life with all of you is special to me. I can also understand where the thought of getting on the Internet and creating a blog can be a lil intimidating. My advice  is just not to think about it, just do it!  Pick any topic or a subject that you enjoy talking about. You should also have fun when creating  a page design, it should be something  that YOU like. If you still feel like you need more help in writing your blog, consider an online blogging course. I can tell you, once you have made something you enjoy, it will show in your writing and others will soon enjoy coming to your page and reading what you have to say.
~> As far as my friend? Well, I think she will start one soon, she just needed a lil hand holding ;-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home-schooling, a special education

I like to share a thought I have had this evening. I really think ever parent who decides to home-school is doing so because, they want their child to have that personal, one on one, special education. I have met so many homeschooling families over the years. I never seem to tire of hearing their "story" on how and why they finally jumped on the the Home-school wagon. Some have told me that they have always known they would home school, other call them selves  "accidental homeschooler".
 I'll be honest, I always knew we would home-school. I also dis-like the term accidental homeschooler! I feel that the term indicates some sort of embarrassment or a feeling of being less than, which is totally the opposite of what a home-school parent should feel IMO. I feel that to home-school means you are being more than, you are choosing to put in more of yourself for your child, I think that the term "home-schooler" should be worn like a badge of honor! So I think that no one should be an accidental, they should think of themselves as a late learner of all the things that make home-schooling a wonderful option for their family

 Whether you have always know or fell into it later, Give yourself a Great Big pat on the back for being an Awesome parent!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Paragraph Writing

Okay so have you ever heard the phrase what goes around comes around? Well, I think "karma"  is getting me back for attempting to teach my daughter how to write a paragraph last week. I swear my  student success teacher  must get something out of our paragraph writing! Every week we get so much home-work and there is soooo much writing!!! I know I know I am whining  ((blush)) but,  in my defense it has been quite sometime since I was in school. I am sure I will get used to all the work load in time :^/

~> So I think I am gonna be a sympathetic momma and ease up for the next few weeks on my baby girl and have her just do some handwriting worksheets instead..

Hope everyone is enjoying all this Wonderful Fall weather!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yawn! YAWN!!!!!!!! & yawn some more.......................

Yep, its almost 3am and just now am I getting some much needed blog time in ;)  Lately my life has been a bit crazy, between soft/tee ball practice, kids school lessons ( Learning about multiple meaning words this week ), home life, chores, husband, etc...  Plus I am now  Yes! starting College... well let's just say I could do with out all the algebra curriculum this semester, and I mean for me : / 
On the bright side, the kids are really enjoying the fact that mom now has home work too LOL!
~> Thanks for the lil bit of unwind time, but I guess its now beddy by time ZZZzzzzzz :)