Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home-schooling, a special education

I like to share a thought I have had this evening. I really think ever parent who decides to home-school is doing so because, they want their child to have that personal, one on one, special education. I have met so many homeschooling families over the years. I never seem to tire of hearing their "story" on how and why they finally jumped on the the Home-school wagon. Some have told me that they have always known they would home school, other call them selves  "accidental homeschooler".
 I'll be honest, I always knew we would home-school. I also dis-like the term accidental homeschooler! I feel that the term indicates some sort of embarrassment or a feeling of being less than, which is totally the opposite of what a home-school parent should feel IMO. I feel that to home-school means you are being more than, you are choosing to put in more of yourself for your child, I think that the term "home-schooler" should be worn like a badge of honor! So I think that no one should be an accidental, they should think of themselves as a late learner of all the things that make home-schooling a wonderful option for their family

 Whether you have always know or fell into it later, Give yourself a Great Big pat on the back for being an Awesome parent!

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topsy-techie said...

You are right on there! I think accidental homeschooler feels like quite an appropriate term for people who had planned to keep their children in school and suddenly discover they have to homeschool for one reason or another. But it doesn't take long living day to day as a homeschooler to realize - - there is nothing accidental about this at all!! :)