Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reasons to Home-school

To home-school or not to home-school,Once upon a time this was the question...
I am so very Thankful of the choice I made & I owe it all to those  helpful getting started  web sites available on the Internet .When your new and full of questions they really help you figure out how to get started..It has been 5 yrs since I officially started home-schooling  & there are far more then 20 reasons ,I would say my #1 reason I love to home-school is being able to watch my children learn,This amazes me everytime!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What we are Reading

My daughter is starting the 3rd grade this year and of course she is very proud to tell anyone that is willing to listen.
I have really noticed a change  in her over the summer.She is very much into things that make her feel more "Grown up" sigh.... Like wearing lip gloss or watching shows like Icarly ,shopping ,playing games on Face Book & going to the Library and checking out books...
 Of course as a parent I am in one sense screaming NOOOOOO !!!! your still my baby ,Don't grow up to fast !But , On the other hand I am trying to encourage the positive things that she is becoming interested in,Like  her new found love of books .
I of course have always enjoyed reading ,Whether it be fiction or non-fiction,magazine's,blogs ,ect .I sometimes can get on the Internet for hours .My favorite thing to do online is to read  Stories about home-schoolers .
So,like I was saying  I wanted to encourage her to read but,at the same time do more then just allow her to read these books,You know take more of a educational in depth approach to . So I decided that along with the books that she picks out at the library I would pick one and add to it and add a literature based word list. I really feel that doing this along with some games ect,Will only help her Vocabulary & spelling skills .
So After  reading some "Book Reviews" we have decided to start with a Book called ~
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo  :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Curriculum Reviews..What should you use?

Whether it be a Curious friend thinking about home-schooling ,
A confused newbie home-schooler or Parents on Internet forums,I am always hearing /reading  ,
"What Curriculum should I use????"
This question is very popular,Specially right now with the New school year starting.
With so many options out there ,This question can not only be confusing but just plain stressful!
I defiantly feel that the Internet is one of the best places to do Curriculum research .People are  usually always eager & willing to share their Curriculum reviews ,You can find these reviews by googling "Curriculum Reviews" or searching home-school  message boards .You can also look to see if the brand of curriculum you are interested in has their own Online Parent community ,I can tell you from experience being able to speak with other parents who are using the curriculum you are interested in is so helpful .
A tip I always tell people is that if you are planning on using a Book type curriculum is to try and see if you know some one who is using it or see if they have displays near you,That way you can get a feel for it before you plunge head 1st and buy it.
That  also goes for Online programs too,IMO any good company that stands behind their product will allow you to try Free Demos of it or a least allow you a money back guarantee if you do not like it.
Like I said before I know this can be a stressful but Don't be discourage !
When you finally find the perfect curriculum and you see your child Blossom,It will be worth it ! :^)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer School

For most kids home-schooled or Not those very words are like the words Jail to us .....Of course for most kids they probably envision summer school as going to a school sitting for hours a day listening to a teacher re-teach them things they should have or already have learned during the prior school year,Waisting their summer days in side a classroom instead of outside playing ....
No wonder the very words Summer school brings on moans and groans from children every where ...
So I am sure after reading this you will be surprised that our family actually schools Year-Round ...Yes! I am not joking we really do ;)

For me ,My kids do not moan or groan, because I try to lighten the usual school load by doing more summer educational games ..Making school ,especially summer school Fun,Is the  key to happy  non -whinning kids ;)

For those that Do not home-school year round or who don't home-school at all,But are looking for something to help your child retain what they have learned or maybe help them catch up ,So that next year they will  be 100% ready for the next grade . Yet ,do not want to turn your summer into a classroom then I would look into T4L Online Summer Courses ,Only a few hours a week is all that's needed  !
I  have always felt that my childs future depended on them getting a good education....How I wished I would have taken advantage of obtaining that for myself when I was growing up.These years are so important for providing them with a good foundation,A foundation which no one should waiste ;)