Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer School

For most kids home-schooled or Not those very words are like the words Jail to us .....Of course for most kids they probably envision summer school as going to a school sitting for hours a day listening to a teacher re-teach them things they should have or already have learned during the prior school year,Waisting their summer days in side a classroom instead of outside playing ....
No wonder the very words Summer school brings on moans and groans from children every where ...
So I am sure after reading this you will be surprised that our family actually schools Year-Round ...Yes! I am not joking we really do ;)

For me ,My kids do not moan or groan, because I try to lighten the usual school load by doing more summer educational games ..Making school ,especially summer school Fun,Is the  key to happy  non -whinning kids ;)

For those that Do not home-school year round or who don't home-school at all,But are looking for something to help your child retain what they have learned or maybe help them catch up ,So that next year they will  be 100% ready for the next grade . Yet ,do not want to turn your summer into a classroom then I would look into T4L Online Summer Courses ,Only a few hours a week is all that's needed  !
I  have always felt that my childs future depended on them getting a good education....How I wished I would have taken advantage of obtaining that for myself when I was growing up.These years are so important for providing them with a good foundation,A foundation which no one should waiste ;)

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