Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaching Florida

        The Sunshine State

I think with anyone who home-schools Learning your State home-school info,As well as teaching your child about the "State" they live in is Very important.
So this last week that is exactly what I started to do.I must admit that in the process I also re-learned many Florida Facts like,
The State Tree ~Sabal Palm
The State Bird ~ Mocking Bird
The State flower~ Orange Blossom

My daughter  really enjoyed learning about her state.Especially seeing Florida from outer space Aka "above picture".I suppose its hard to imagine that the very earth she was standing on actually looked like that.Of course we are not stopping with Florida.,With 50 states we have plenty to learn !
The Internet has been a Big help in locating the information to teach her ,Online games (50 state game) being the Biggest help!

Florida State Flag

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