Thursday, July 22, 2010

English Language .....Gotta Love it!

We start off schooling our children with the basic ABC's .We work very hard teaching them the shape of the letter then the sound it makes.We are always so very proud when our children learn how to blend the sounds to form their 1st word !
Reading is such a important step in education that everyone must master to move on .
Of course anything worth doing is never easy...
IMO our language is so very confusing....You teach your child the phonic rules just to have to explain why they don't apply to all words..That's where memorising site words come into play..And then when you think you are past the confusion your find out ..Wait I also have to Teach Contractions aggghhhh!!!
When I first introduced these type of words My daughter actually said, Mom you misspelled do not ..LOL!!! It was soooo cute because she actually was very serious looking at me as if  something was wrong with me to misspell those words.When I told her that this was a contraction ..She took a minute in thought and then she said ,Why not just spell out both words? Of course I further explained and then to make things easier on us both I utilised my favorite teaching tool,The COMPUTER!!!
Luckily I have a lot of "Free" sites that help me teach my daughter..So after a lil bit of browsing my favorites I found a great site that had Contraction Games !
So far my daughter is really having fun with the games and seems to be accepting the idea of these "Contractions" ...
The English Language...Gotta Love it ;)

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