Friday, July 9, 2010

I took a break from "Life" & had a Pic-Nic....

In today's world it seems like our "life style" can keep us from appreciating the things that mean the most to us.Whether it is a Job that we have or a hobby we love , phones ,T.V's & yes computers seem to take so much of our focus away from what really matters ,Which is our Family!
A few days ago a friend of mine lost her grand-son who was only 4yrs old by a woman talking on her cell-phone while driving,which was an avoidable tragedy. After hearing this I just wanted to hold my children ,Unfortunately my daughter was at her grand-ma's, so I went and found my son who was playing on the floor with his lil match box cars.He was making the cutest VROOM! VROOOMM!! sound :) I  picked him up & gave him the biggest hug and tons of kisses ,Then I decided at that moment not to waste the rest of the day in front of the tv or computer or anything.So even thou it was already 3 in the afternoon I went into the kitchen and packed us some PB&J sandwiches ,cookies & chips and we went down the park. Now I wont lie at 90+ degrees it was pretty hot so not the best day for the park ,But I didnt mind. I just needed that special time just us, I found a nice shady spot & we had a nice lil pic-nic just him & I <3

Now I know this blog is dedicated to my Journey as a "Home-school" mom,So I am sure by now you are wonder why I am talking about all of this .The reason I chose to talk about this is because ,Life is too short & I just feel so Blessed to be able to stay home with children every day . I know some parents wish they could & are unable, while others would cringe at the idea of home-schooling . Spending 24/7 with their child may sound like a over whelming idea,But not for me!  Home-schooling  my children Online really does not take that long ,Which allows me to spend that precious time that for most is just wasted.

Today I am a very Thankful Home-school Mom <3

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