Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter is only a Hop away!

With just a couple of days left until E-Day, I am sure you are all busy enjoying the last day of Easter themed school lessons. However, if you have been so busy and a bit shocked at how early Easter has come this year, that well you have barley had time to remember to make a run to the store to buy egg dye and candy "LOL"! Well, don't feel too bad, I also have been playing catch up the past couple of days myself ((blush)). Still, even with just one day left in the week, two if you count Saturday, it is not too late to add some Easter Fun into your Homeschooling ;)

4) Study vocabulary (Easter themed of course)

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's here! Yep, it is officially Spring!

 Of course with Spring comes Spring Break, at least for the College & Public school families. Still, many Homeschooling families like to follow a traditional school calendar year and/or just like joining in the "Fun" of  a week off too. One difference, which is actually a perk IMO, of being a home-educated family is that you can choose what day to start and what day to finish your Spring Break Vacation. This can really help those family's who have to be more careful with the purse strings, as you can choose to go on your Spring Break right after the main stream vacationers take theirs; which can help you get a better deal on your destination of choice.

 For those of you who are not looking to take time off or still want to have your child do something fun, educational, and Spring inspired during Spring Break, a Spring themed Unit Study is always a good idea.
Spring Surprises
 If Unit Studies are not your thing,  there always games, field trips to places like Butterfly Gardens, or you could even take a minute here and there and do some simple flashcards for kids.

Regardless, what your plans may be, I hope your days are filled with the warmer weather of Spring :)

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday's Play by Play

Today my daughter started her 1st of many Softball practices. This is her 3rd year playing and she not only enjoys it, but she is getting pretty good at it too! Can you tell I am a Proud SoftBall Momma?!
As a homeschooler, I think it is so very important that we allow our children to be active in activity's like Sports, Music, Scouts, co-ops, etc. It is good for them to be around other children, to learn a talent, to be part of a group, etc. I know cost can be an issue. Like myself, many of us are surviving on one income. Still, there are many options you can do even on a tight budget. For instants, most church and/or county programs offer discounts and payment plans for low income families as do Scouts Boy & Girl. Co-ops are usually free to join, some only requiring helping out and bringing your own child's supplies like crayons, paper, etc. Plus, most homeschoolers like to meet up just to have play dates at the park or meet at library's for fun activity's too!

Now, if you are a traveler like myself, you may be wondering how can I do any of this, if we are moving from place to place? Well, I can understand this issue. However, just because you may not be in an area that long, does not mean you shouldn't allow your child to enjoy the friendship of others, even if it is briefly.
What I do is try to research the areas I know we will be staying in for more than a day or two (to see if there are in homeschool groups in the area). As far as sports, this one requires a little more time commitment, in said area, I will admit. Still, Sport do not last very long. So, if you can manage to stay in one spot for a lil bit, to allow your child the experience of being part of a team and playing a game they enjoy, then it is worth the pause in your travel plans I would think ;)

In other Homeschool News, my son has developed a love, I mean a addiction lol,  for learning games. He can not get enough! His favorite ones are the music games and the math games :) I just love the computer age, it makes being able to teach my children so much easier!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thought of the Day:

As a Homeschooling parent, there are times when you may wonder if the curriculum you are providing is enough? Even a parent who does not homeschool, may wonder if the school their child/children are attending is meeting the educational needs of their child/children. My response to that is it never hurts to add some extra supplementary enrichment!
 Educational games and websites are always a good options. Other examples: join a homeschool Co-Op, reading more books (doesn't have to be considered educational), watch TV(there are many interesting and educational channels and shows on TV nowadays), or you could  just  adding a fun Unit Study. Also, if your kids own any type of gaming system's like a DS, Leapfrog, Wii, etc. there are many educational games available for these systems as well.

In addition: puzzles, flash cards, worksheets, crafts, cooking, music lessons, sports, field trips, etc. are great ways to add a bit of enrichment to your child's education journey.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Freebie Saturday!

Today, I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Freebie Resources , we are going to be adding to our regular Homeschooling studies for the month of March.

1. St. Patty's Day Resources

2. US State Learning Games

3. Kite Craft

4. Free Online Puzzles

5. Weather Games

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