Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter is only a Hop away!

With just a couple of days left until E-Day, I am sure you are all busy enjoying the last day of Easter themed school lessons. However, if you have been so busy and a bit shocked at how early Easter has come this year, that well you have barley had time to remember to make a run to the store to buy egg dye and candy "LOL"! Well, don't feel too bad, I also have been playing catch up the past couple of days myself ((blush)). Still, even with just one day left in the week, two if you count Saturday, it is not too late to add some Easter Fun into your Homeschooling ;)

4) Study vocabulary (Easter themed of course)

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Kat said...

Yep...I was at the store buying eggs and candy, the DAY before Easter, lol. Time just gets away from me ... :)

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter!