Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scary and Crazy! Read to find out why...

From Preschool games to SAT writing, kids grow up so fast!  I still remember being in school myself, and now I am all grown up with not just one, but two children school age. My daughter is 10 years and my son 5 years. Recently, I have been reminded how thankful I am for the choices I have made as far as their education. I know some people think that to home-school only effects education, but they would be wrong, it can effect many other things. Like keeping our children a little safer IMO.

A few weeks ago my daughter was in the truck telling me about how some of her public school team mates (she plays softball) were talking about a boy, their classmate, that had gotten in trouble for bringing Cocaine, Yes! I said Cocaine!!!! to school. These are 10 year old children. My husband and I just looked at each other and I know we were thinking the same thing. How thankful we both were that our children was not be exposed to such dangers.

As scary as that is, I have an even scarier problem that is happening to our kids and making the idea of public school seem even more dangerous. Last week a friend of my mom's had to put her daughter in jail for battery. She said her daughter just litterly lost it! When they searched her room they found a knife and powder. They assumed it was Cocaine as well, but after the police came, they found out it was bath salts. Apparently the new trend to get high is to snort smashed up bath salts! Her daughter was just 15 years old.

I am of course praying for these family's, but I am so thankful to not have to worry that my children are going to have to deal with such dangerous nonsense. Growing up, I of course  had my share of peer pressure situations, but nothing like this.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this with all of you. If you have bath salts, you may want to check to see if they are the ones you can snort, and make sure you children know how dangerous this new trend to get high really is.

From Cocaine to snorting bath salts, Let's hope are kids will be able to grow up :(

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Friday Ramblings

"Homeschooling means freedom – freedom to choose what, when, and how your children learn"
This statement above is one of the reasons why I chose, still choose and will encourage my children to continue on to homeschool my grand-children.

I came across this statement one day while browsing homeschool blogs. The author talked about what surprised her about homeschooling and about the many,many different homeschool trends, the author did also go into her own personal homeschool journey. Listening to her story, really made think about my own story. Cannot believe how far I have come since I had first begun all those years ago. I still remember the countless hours I spent worrying, having to explain why, and figuring out what, how, when, where, etc...  would work best for my family. I think that for most of us, this stems from society making us feel that what we are planning to do is not normal or good parenting. Looking back I wish I could just tell myself, not to worry or care what others think, that it will all work out and to just relax. As much as I wish it would have been easier for me back then, I am pleased to see how much more accepted and how many more people seem to be jumping on to the homeschool train, so to speak.

It also has me now wondering what things may be like when my children are all grown up. What it will be like for them when they are deciding whether or not to also homeschool their children...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Out of routine

Well, this past week has been slower for me, not just me getting around with my hurt knee, but school work too. O' and yes my knee is still not better :(  ~>So, back to what I was saying... My mom and dad took a long over due vacation this past Sunday, r(returned home today), they went to Mississippi and enjoyed the Casino's! They didn't come out ahead, but they didn't lose that much either ;)
Anyways, I ended up at their house, house sitting their animals and my younger sister. Needless to say school work took a back seat for the week. Of course taking a break every now and then can be a good thing. :)

It was a nice break away from my daily routine, and since we do not have any animals our selves the kids really I enjoyed taking care and playing with my mom's dogs and cats. Still I am happy to be home, being back in MY house and relaxing in my own bed, I am glad to be back!

In a few days we will start back with our studies, bright and early Monday morning. Computer work, education games and root word games are the focus next week.
Well, its been a long day So... G'night!

Friday, March 2, 2012


A Knee stabilizer is defiantly something I never wanted to wear... Have I confused you yet? Well, let me take you back to Tuesday, I was at my college and I went to stand up from my seat when I felt a Sharp stabbing pain in my right knee OUCH! I still had a few classes left so I ended up limping around the rest of that day knowing I had done something not good to my knee, but had no choice but to just deal with it.... Wednesday came and I stayed home in bed resting my knee. It seemed to feel okay, so I was hoping I was fine. Thursday comes and after I get up out of bed I notice its a little sore to walk on. Still I had school for myself to go to and I could not miss my classes. So, I just grinned and bared it, again! By that night I am in pretty bad pain from having to walk on it all day.  ~> Friday, today, I get up and go straight to the hospital. X-rays and an exam later they fit me for a knee stabilizer and tell me if I do not feel better in 3-4 days that I need to see an Orthopedic Doctor to get an MRI of my knee to see what will need to be done... Ugh! I am so not happy, I do not have insurance... As you can tell I am very stressed and not feeling good...
So, anyways...If you are curious about what my plans are for next week, for my kiddies educational needs? We are going to focus on the importance of spelling and use my favorite homeschool spelling curriculum ;)