Friday, March 2, 2012


A Knee stabilizer is defiantly something I never wanted to wear... Have I confused you yet? Well, let me take you back to Tuesday, I was at my college and I went to stand up from my seat when I felt a Sharp stabbing pain in my right knee OUCH! I still had a few classes left so I ended up limping around the rest of that day knowing I had done something not good to my knee, but had no choice but to just deal with it.... Wednesday came and I stayed home in bed resting my knee. It seemed to feel okay, so I was hoping I was fine. Thursday comes and after I get up out of bed I notice its a little sore to walk on. Still I had school for myself to go to and I could not miss my classes. So, I just grinned and bared it, again! By that night I am in pretty bad pain from having to walk on it all day.  ~> Friday, today, I get up and go straight to the hospital. X-rays and an exam later they fit me for a knee stabilizer and tell me if I do not feel better in 3-4 days that I need to see an Orthopedic Doctor to get an MRI of my knee to see what will need to be done... Ugh! I am so not happy, I do not have insurance... As you can tell I am very stressed and not feeling good...
So, anyways...If you are curious about what my plans are for next week, for my kiddies educational needs? We are going to focus on the importance of spelling and use my favorite homeschool spelling curriculum ;)

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