Friday, March 16, 2012

My Friday Ramblings

"Homeschooling means freedom – freedom to choose what, when, and how your children learn"
This statement above is one of the reasons why I chose, still choose and will encourage my children to continue on to homeschool my grand-children.

I came across this statement one day while browsing homeschool blogs. The author talked about what surprised her about homeschooling and about the many,many different homeschool trends, the author did also go into her own personal homeschool journey. Listening to her story, really made think about my own story. Cannot believe how far I have come since I had first begun all those years ago. I still remember the countless hours I spent worrying, having to explain why, and figuring out what, how, when, where, etc...  would work best for my family. I think that for most of us, this stems from society making us feel that what we are planning to do is not normal or good parenting. Looking back I wish I could just tell myself, not to worry or care what others think, that it will all work out and to just relax. As much as I wish it would have been easier for me back then, I am pleased to see how much more accepted and how many more people seem to be jumping on to the homeschool train, so to speak.

It also has me now wondering what things may be like when my children are all grown up. What it will be like for them when they are deciding whether or not to also homeschool their children...

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Anonymous said...

I hope my kids also homeschool my grand-kids. I really like your blog. So interesting!