Friday, March 9, 2012

Out of routine

Well, this past week has been slower for me, not just me getting around with my hurt knee, but school work too. O' and yes my knee is still not better :(  ~>So, back to what I was saying... My mom and dad took a long over due vacation this past Sunday, r(returned home today), they went to Mississippi and enjoyed the Casino's! They didn't come out ahead, but they didn't lose that much either ;)
Anyways, I ended up at their house, house sitting their animals and my younger sister. Needless to say school work took a back seat for the week. Of course taking a break every now and then can be a good thing. :)

It was a nice break away from my daily routine, and since we do not have any animals our selves the kids really I enjoyed taking care and playing with my mom's dogs and cats. Still I am happy to be home, being back in MY house and relaxing in my own bed, I am glad to be back!

In a few days we will start back with our studies, bright and early Monday morning. Computer work, education games and root word games are the focus next week.
Well, its been a long day So... G'night!

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Kerry said...

Sorry to hear your knee is giving your trouble. Feel better soon!