Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sometimes you must Review Review Review!

As much Fun as Thanksgiving was, Family,Friends,Food & Fun! The time we broke from our studies and the distraction of the holiday, past and present sure has made for some serious distractions in my oldest.

I found myself today wondering why she is acting as if she doesn't even know her basics ugh! I tell you what on days like this I sure am thankful that I can use those Online Math programs to help get her mind back on target ;)

It is soooo weird how she is sooooo good in most areas, like she loves doing her Science program and Language. Math thou has always been a tough spot for her to remember.

I seem to always find myself letting her go back and review, review, review!

I am just glad the computer is doing most of the re teaching as I think I might go bonkers if I had too ((blush))

I am thinking of taking this month that is so full of other Fun things to do and just go do review on all subjects..I think it may be just what the "Teacher" orderd lol ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be Eclectic!

If you have been home-schooling for any length of time, you will soon relise that when you gather with others who do as well, that everyone does things a lil different. One question that always makes me smile a bit is when new comers ask , "What do you use or what style of home-schooling ect "

I am sure that some families use just one way the whole time they have children home-schooling, but this is not the case entirely for us, we refer to ourselves as a family that does eclectic homeschooling.

Out side of our wonderful Online program, that we have used for the past 3 yrs we are always adding a lil of this and a lil of that as we see fit. It is never the same, we go with what our children our needing at the moment. I think what takes back some of the ladies at my local home-school group is that even thou I am Christian I use mostly all secular homeschooling material. I do not believe that I should exclude a good curriculum just because its not Christian based. I feel I am more then capable to teach my child about GOD all on my own. My point of this weeks post is that your child's education is very important and should never have limitations. Be Eclectic!!! Try it all!!! Keep what you like , get rid of what you don't!!! and most important, Have Fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank Goodness for Mi-Fi

So I  have finally gotten my Mi-fi, This allows me to be able to get on more than one computer at a time. Before we obtained this, it was a bit hard to get every ones Internet needs met on a daily basis with only one computer being allowed to be in use at once. So as you may imagine the past few days  has been soooo nice.
In the A.M. my daughter gets up and goes to HER computer , turns is it on and get her lessons done .
Now before she might have had to wait till later, because I was on or if she was on ,her younger brother would whine about wanting to get on and do his "mouse" and it would distract her too much. If that happens now I can just turn on another computer to be used, Which has freed up time to do other things in the day and its been alot less stressful not having to juggle the Internet time.
So today was day 5 of the Mi-fi.  My daughter was do her school work, Learning Contractions . I had just given her the contraction word lists and my son ran in saying, "I wanna do school work too!" So usually this is where I would have to stop helping my daughter and go distract him or tell her we will just have to do this later...But  not now I just said come on over son to the other computer :-)
He was happy ,She was happy , I was Happy!!!! lol
I tell you what anyone who is facing what I had been facing..Get the Mi-fi ,It is so worth the money! $-)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The importance of Vocabulary

Is it just me or have you noticed that the way our children speak or quite honestly the way our peers speak , sounds in most instants very uneducated ? It was not very long ago when the  importance of vocabulary was well IMPORTANT!

In today society it does not seem to be that anymore. Slang is just to well excepted. I will admit that from time to time I will have a slip up myself but, I blame society for that negative influence. I do try very hard to over come that , so to show my children how to speak from example.

Of course kids always think us moms or dads are just ol'fashioned and do not know what is "IN" ect . So sometimes it takes more then just being a role model to instill certain values into our children. Thankfully I have been able to take advantage of the love of video games my children have and use these Online vocabulary games to help them learn how to speak with out them really realising it .

If anyone is trying to help teach your children better Vocabulary , my advice is it starts at home and go from there ;)