Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be Eclectic!

If you have been home-schooling for any length of time, you will soon relise that when you gather with others who do as well, that everyone does things a lil different. One question that always makes me smile a bit is when new comers ask , "What do you use or what style of home-schooling ect "

I am sure that some families use just one way the whole time they have children home-schooling, but this is not the case entirely for us, we refer to ourselves as a family that does eclectic homeschooling.

Out side of our wonderful Online program, that we have used for the past 3 yrs we are always adding a lil of this and a lil of that as we see fit. It is never the same, we go with what our children our needing at the moment. I think what takes back some of the ladies at my local home-school group is that even thou I am Christian I use mostly all secular homeschooling material. I do not believe that I should exclude a good curriculum just because its not Christian based. I feel I am more then capable to teach my child about GOD all on my own. My point of this weeks post is that your child's education is very important and should never have limitations. Be Eclectic!!! Try it all!!! Keep what you like , get rid of what you don't!!! and most important, Have Fun!

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