Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank Goodness for Mi-Fi

So I  have finally gotten my Mi-fi, This allows me to be able to get on more than one computer at a time. Before we obtained this, it was a bit hard to get every ones Internet needs met on a daily basis with only one computer being allowed to be in use at once. So as you may imagine the past few days  has been soooo nice.
In the A.M. my daughter gets up and goes to HER computer , turns is it on and get her lessons done .
Now before she might have had to wait till later, because I was on or if she was on ,her younger brother would whine about wanting to get on and do his "mouse" and it would distract her too much. If that happens now I can just turn on another computer to be used, Which has freed up time to do other things in the day and its been alot less stressful not having to juggle the Internet time.
So today was day 5 of the Mi-fi.  My daughter was do her school work, Learning Contractions . I had just given her the contraction word lists and my son ran in saying, "I wanna do school work too!" So usually this is where I would have to stop helping my daughter and go distract him or tell her we will just have to do this later...But  not now I just said come on over son to the other computer :-)
He was happy ,She was happy , I was Happy!!!! lol
I tell you what anyone who is facing what I had been facing..Get the Mi-fi ,It is so worth the money! $-)

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