Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sometimes you must Review Review Review!

As much Fun as Thanksgiving was, Family,Friends,Food & Fun! The time we broke from our studies and the distraction of the holiday, past and present sure has made for some serious distractions in my oldest.

I found myself today wondering why she is acting as if she doesn't even know her basics ugh! I tell you what on days like this I sure am thankful that I can use those Online Math programs to help get her mind back on target ;)

It is soooo weird how she is sooooo good in most areas, like she loves doing her Science program and Language. Math thou has always been a tough spot for her to remember.

I seem to always find myself letting her go back and review, review, review!

I am just glad the computer is doing most of the re teaching as I think I might go bonkers if I had too ((blush))

I am thinking of taking this month that is so full of other Fun things to do and just go do review on all subjects..I think it may be just what the "Teacher" orderd lol ;)

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