Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time

So last night we put up our Christmas Tree, we do real trees which I think is not only prettier but they smell better & are better for our enviroment. Okay like I was saying I watching the kids hanging the ornaments just made me feel like WOW! I am actually all grown up and have my very own family <3 Christmas may be more fun when your a kid but, untill you are a parent you never really learn the meaning of it ......

So now that the  Holidays are officially here and going Full Blast! My kids are so into the Christmas spirit this year now that my youngest is almost 4yrs.
Having one child always makes the Holiday season more special but, having more than one child makes it really Fun! Between the Decorating,Christmas shows on T.V, Shopping for gifts, Sweet treats and Online Holiday games and Art projects
~~> This time  of year is defiantly my favorite time of year :' )

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