Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why all the work is so worth it!

When anyone start this "Adventure" into homeschooling there will be many hurdles to jump,
I know for me it was when I saw my own child learning that It made all the work I had put in all worth while <3
Last night My daughter and I were hanging out in her room and she was reading me one of her books....I was just so proud of her !!! Especially since last year she was having so much trouble..Isnt funny how one minute they are so lost and and the next they are pros ,acting as if it was no trouble at all ;)
What I love about homeschooling is you dont have to keep to a specific anything..I mean yes she does Time4Learning but we kinda wing it alot ...
Like right now outside of T4L we read a lil everynight &
I just bought "The Story Of the World vol 1" For History..
And my hubby has been getting her into astrology lately which is so interesting and she really having fun with it :)
My son he is turning 3yrs in a few days and I have been getting him into "homeschooling" Makes me wonder how smart he will be in 5 yrs ...They say that your 2nd,3rd ect are always quicker at picking things up because your older ones are there as Special Teachers <3..I tell you if thats the case as smart as my daughter is ....I can only imagine what he will be like at her age..sigh :)