Monday, November 30, 2009

Children are Amazing!

We all think our child is the smartest..Cutest...ect ect ect..That just part of being a mom <3
But sometimes they really amaze you and you know they are truly more special then you already knew :)

My Daughter for instance..she has always been so creative..She has such a imagination..The storys she comes up with..She will create these detailed story lines for her dolls,since she was old enough to talk..Someimes i think she may be a writer when she grows up....But then i think may be she might be a curator of a muesum or actually go out and discover the history of our worlds all on her own...I am not kidding you she can tell you what ever dinosaur is ..and she loves to sit and watch documentarys,all day if she could ;)

Then there is my son..He is still a baby in my eyes..thou he tells me he is a big boy now lol ;)
He isnt even 3 yet..but already he can tell you his ABC's ,read some words and count  up to 10 sometimes...Today he was doing his pre-school work on our online school program Time4Learning...anyways we were doing colors just amazed me how he knew them all already ...

Sometimes i miss being a kid..having all that mystery of what you could be ...I look at both of my kids and wonder about thier future..but i am sure about one thing..and that is no matter what they acheive in their life i will always love them and be proud of them <3
As i sit here and write about today and the days before,It makes me that more excited about what tomorrow may hold .........

Monday, November 2, 2009

What made me decide to Home School

When I came across these 2 statements, It was like WOW! This is exactly how I feel. I am sure everyone has their own reasons why they chose to home school...For me this was my main reason .
The world around us is not what it should be,Our children our at the mercy of who ever gets hired to "teach" them.They are vulnerable to ,too many different types of people adults & children, Who may or may not be ideal for building good self esteem and/or molding young minds.
I am not saying all schools are awful or all people are bad,That would be Crazy! The problem is knowing which is which and who is who!

I am sure you have all heard the remarks people can make about us "home-schoolers",One that sticks out is the ol'sayin ,"well you went to public school and you turned out fine".....
Yes ,I may have turned out okay,But why should my child settle for okay ,When they deserve Extraordinary!
I really wanted to start this Blog off with what drove me to Home-school....The Educational opportunity goes with out saying..That of course was a BIG reason..
I love knowing that my kids learning doesnt start or stop by a clock or day of the week..They can learn when ever and where ever they fill Inspired...............
Journey of a  Home school mom ;)