Thursday, December 23, 2010

New to homeschooling

Isn't funny how when you are brand new to homeschooling, you tend to have a feeling as if you are all alone in your choice and that there isn't many of you out there. I know for me that is exactly how I felt.
Fast forward 5 years later ~> How things quickly change! Now it seems like where ever I go whether it be when we go to the library to get our weekly homeschooling books to read or at the grocer store, park or even the bank I am always running into some one I know or have seen at a home-school group meeting. What I thought was a minority actually ended up to be more of the majority in my area ,at least it feels that way : ')

So anyone out there who is afraid that you will be all alone in this choice , Ha! Trust me you won't be. IMO I think it is just a matter of time and more and more people are going to be jumping on this band wagon!.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Spongebob Squarepants moment

Last night my daughter came and crawled in bed with me. Of course it was not empty handed, she had a Spongebob Squarepants book with her. She was very much wanting me to read with her. I said sure but, that I was wanting her to read to me ;-)

I was so proud of her, She started reading and I honestly thought that this book may be a bit to much for her as it was not thin and printed in tiny print . I was proved wrong! I would say she read about 95% of the words with out needing my help. I am so very thankful for her Language Arts program, it has helped her so much with her reading ability and learning how to sound out words,site words, compound words ect

It is those small moments in life that makes all your hard work and sacrifice and worries all worth while <3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teaching what I wish I was taught

So I myself have always wanted to learn another language. I never was able to achieve that in the degree I had wanted, so I am working hard to allow my kids to be able to have this opportunity & honestly I am hoping to learn something too along the way myself  ;' )

After some searching I found some online games in foreign languages, They are so neat and Fun and the kids are really learning.

I think that living in America where there are so many different types of people with different languages, It is really a necessity to know English & at least Spanish.

I know for some just having the "basics" in their homeschooling curriculum is enough. For us we want to try and go beyond that goal and give as much extra as possible so that our children may be able to navigate thur this big world a little bit easier.

Just another reason why I ma so thankful that I can home-school my children <3

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time

So last night we put up our Christmas Tree, we do real trees which I think is not only prettier but they smell better & are better for our enviroment. Okay like I was saying I watching the kids hanging the ornaments just made me feel like WOW! I am actually all grown up and have my very own family <3 Christmas may be more fun when your a kid but, untill you are a parent you never really learn the meaning of it ......

So now that the  Holidays are officially here and going Full Blast! My kids are so into the Christmas spirit this year now that my youngest is almost 4yrs.
Having one child always makes the Holiday season more special but, having more than one child makes it really Fun! Between the Decorating,Christmas shows on T.V, Shopping for gifts, Sweet treats and Online Holiday games and Art projects
~~> This time  of year is defiantly my favorite time of year :' )