Saturday, July 17, 2010


Its mid July & Summer is in full swing.....
Depending on what state you live in ,Most of us our trying to stay cool from this horrible heat "Swimming ,A/C,Ice cream ect ect ect "

For most summer means relaxing taking a break from the every day school grind . This thou is the totally opposite for my family,Are you Confused??? Let me exsplain.We are a Year round home-schooling family ,Which means when everyone else is letting their "Brain" take a break we our still working ours out ",so to speak .

Now for anyone who schools year round they know that we our not full force 5 days a week all year. The truth is besides being able to lessen our school days per week ,One of the perks of schooling year round is that we can take breaks when ever we want!

Another reason we chose this type of calender year is because for us summer time is not the best months to vacation in ,As we live in a very HOT and HUMID state and other then those swimming days ,Going out side isn't very pleasant or fun.So we like to break during spring and fall or any day that seems nice and breezy.

I will admit thou it can cause some confusion,Just the other day a older lady asked my daughter if she was enjoying her "Summer Vacation" ....LOL! My daughter looked at her strange , like "what vacation? "

One thing I do change during the summer months is our work load ,It is even lighter then usual.Even thou we school year round ,I really try to allow my kids to do more "Fun" type educational programs during time so that way they dont feel so left out when all thier friends our free to do nothing .For instants just yesterday she was using this Free website I found  for Language Arts that had Compound word games ...
These Free sites really help IMO to break up the monogamy of ones curricula & add a bit of Fun to learning :)

If anyone is home-schooling or thinking about home-school ,I hope that you might consider all the benefits year round schooling can bring.As I pointed out you have more control over you "vacation time " You get a lighter load in general during the week when you are doing lessons.Another perk is your child doesn't have to re-adjust to school come august .Since they never stopped ,Its business as usual.Plus if you wanted you could in theory do more grades a year and finish school earlier if you wanted too !

Whether you choose to school year round or not,I wish you all the Best in Your Adventure in Home-schooling ;-)

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