Friday, August 20, 2010

What we are Reading

My daughter is starting the 3rd grade this year and of course she is very proud to tell anyone that is willing to listen.
I have really noticed a change  in her over the summer.She is very much into things that make her feel more "Grown up" sigh.... Like wearing lip gloss or watching shows like Icarly ,shopping ,playing games on Face Book & going to the Library and checking out books...
 Of course as a parent I am in one sense screaming NOOOOOO !!!! your still my baby ,Don't grow up to fast !But , On the other hand I am trying to encourage the positive things that she is becoming interested in,Like  her new found love of books .
I of course have always enjoyed reading ,Whether it be fiction or non-fiction,magazine's,blogs ,ect .I sometimes can get on the Internet for hours .My favorite thing to do online is to read  Stories about home-schoolers .
So,like I was saying  I wanted to encourage her to read but,at the same time do more then just allow her to read these books,You know take more of a educational in depth approach to . So I decided that along with the books that she picks out at the library I would pick one and add to it and add a literature based word list. I really feel that doing this along with some games ect,Will only help her Vocabulary & spelling skills .
So After  reading some "Book Reviews" we have decided to start with a Book called ~
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo  :)

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