Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Curriculum Reviews..What should you use?

Whether it be a Curious friend thinking about home-schooling ,
A confused newbie home-schooler or Parents on Internet forums,I am always hearing /reading  ,
"What Curriculum should I use????"
This question is very popular,Specially right now with the New school year starting.
With so many options out there ,This question can not only be confusing but just plain stressful!
I defiantly feel that the Internet is one of the best places to do Curriculum research .People are  usually always eager & willing to share their Curriculum reviews ,You can find these reviews by googling "Curriculum Reviews" or searching home-school  message boards .You can also look to see if the brand of curriculum you are interested in has their own Online Parent community ,I can tell you from experience being able to speak with other parents who are using the curriculum you are interested in is so helpful .
A tip I always tell people is that if you are planning on using a Book type curriculum is to try and see if you know some one who is using it or see if they have displays near you,That way you can get a feel for it before you plunge head 1st and buy it.
That  also goes for Online programs too,IMO any good company that stands behind their product will allow you to try Free Demos of it or a least allow you a money back guarantee if you do not like it.
Like I said before I know this can be a stressful but Don't be discourage !
When you finally find the perfect curriculum and you see your child Blossom,It will be worth it ! :^)

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