Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of homeschooling, A question that I have pondered and been asked many many times.

 So here are 5 reasons I have come up with  in my opinion


1. Freedom~Educational, Physical, Emotional & Religious
I love being able to decided how and whtat my children are learning.
I like that my kids get to get more exersise and be able to learn about God freely.

2.Closer family ties
I love that I get to be with my kids all the time and watch them learn.

3.Well rested children
When I was growing up I remember how I hated getting up before the sun even rose and waiting at the bus stop to go to school, the truth is I was always too tired to really pay attention for my 1st period. I like that my kids can get a good nights rest an wake up in the A.M at a normal time and not be tired and then can really focus on thier studies

4. Can be made fun with Learning games
School doesn't have to be boring....It can also be Fun!

5. Less waisted time
In a nut shell takes a shorter amount of tuime to do the same amount of work


1. Can pose challenge in a house hold where both parents work

2. more of a Financial burden ( thou it pales in comparrison to private school and may even equal out if you caculate scholl clothes, food and transportation costs)

3.Must have full parental envolvement

4.Again must make an effort for socialization oppurtunitys

5. Can be stressful

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