Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank God it's Online

So this past week I have been cursed with what has been going around our lovely town. If you have not figured it out yet well I am yes SICK!!!! Ugh! Congestion,sneezing,coughing , fever ect :(

Okay so my point is that all week my miserable self has been mainly in my warm bed. I almost let this week be a "Vaca" for the kids lessons but, my husband ~> Mr.Wonderful offered to take over our home-schooling and let me just say Thank GOD everything is Online and more or less able to kid run itself. He means well but I even had to show him how to turn on our computer LOL!

Hopefully I will feel back to my self next week .... So hate being sick hmmmmm..... maybe this might be a good time to go back into the germ discussion with the kids .

Home-schooling Gotta Love it ;-)

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