Sunday, January 16, 2011

Affordable learning

Since I have began home-schooling my children I have heard the, " I can't afford to home-school" comment a lot from some of my friends and family. In a way I can totally understand that but then at the same time it seems to me that your child's education should be 1st priority.

Of course as parents we want the best for our kids and circumstances like money, having to work, etc can make it ....well hard to do this sometimes. Thankfully there are so many affordable online programs and Free educational games & websites out there available to everyone.

So to anyone who is reading this weeks blog, remember whether you can't afford to or maybe you don't want to but wish you had that lil bit of extra educational boost for your kiddos, utilize that internet! Lots of things for not a lot that can really make a difference ;-)

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