Saturday, January 1, 2011

Home-schooling.. What Freedoms it brings

There are so many freedoms one has when they decide to take the route of home-schooling their children. Besides being able to sleep in wink! wink! :) you also get to choose what, how & when you want to teach your kids. I know that for any parent who wants to give their child the very best environment to learn that this is very important but, for a parent who has a child with learning disabilities this is not only Important but it is a Must!

I have been very fortunate with my children that I have not noticed anything out of the norm learning wise, except with my oldest. She is Very smart and has always picked up and retained quite well, that being said she was a slow reader. We quickly relised that a traditional book curriculum was not going to work for her as she was more of a visual learner, so we changed what we were using and added some spelling games, she has since excelled in her reading.

Like I was saying home-schooling gives you the freedom to customize how you teach to make learning for your child that much easier

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