Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat Time!

Yay!!!! Its almost time to go Trick or Treating <):?)- 
My kids are SUPER excited & I cant blame them,Halloween has always been one of my Favorite times of the year.
So to enjoy this festive time we have taken a break this week on our School work & have been focusing on some fun!
Last week I took my daughter  Costume shopping and she of course changed her mind a Billjillion times but, Finnally decided on being a  "Good" Witch & my son who is on 3 years wanted to be a Ghost.
Well my daughters costumed took me for $15!!!<~~crazy that much for cheap polyester aghhhh ! & all the the ghost costumes were a bit too scary and honestly too exspensive for something I can do at home with a plain white sheet..So after purchasing a white sheet a ghost mask from Yes! the $$ store Viola all done ~~>Less then $6 all together $-)
Halloween Day we will  carve our Jack O'laterns and then get ready to go into town ,This year our city is hosting a Costume Contest,My daughter is so thrilled !!!!This will be her 1st one ever..Afterwards we plan to start the Trick or Treating till about 9:30pm then we will end with some Yummy Pizza .
Of course Saftey 1st ,No one is allowed to eat any candy till it is checked out by the Candy police~~>AKA MOMMY!! LOL ;)
On another note,I am looking forward to getting back into the school grind again,At a Used Books sale I purchased a teach your child to speak spanish program ,I have personally always wanted to learn how to speak another Language .So we are really going to focus on that for november ~~>check back for some progress updates :-D
So to end this Blog I want to wish every One a SAFE and  Spooky Halloween!

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