Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's October !!!!!

I can not tell you how Excited I am to start doing "Holiday" themed projects with my kids.
I know that for some Holiday starts with Thanksgiving & Christmas,But not for me I like the Spooky month of October.I feel that even Christians can celebrate Halloween with no problem,If done in a innocent playful way.I view this month as celebrating the Dead like the people of Mexico do.To think of all your loved ones who have passed & to allow your children to view the 31st day of the year as a Big Fun dress up party where every one comes to get candy and just have some spooky fun !!So this month in addition to our regular curriculum,I have printed out some cute Fall themed  coloring pages and connect the dots for my son.For my daughter I have been using all things Halloween in everything I can.For science we are going to learn bout the human skeleton ,Also There is this Great Site called Spelling City,They have it where you can put in 5,10,15 ect ect words at a time and It will help teach them how to spell & read the words.My daughter loves the games and I like that I can customise them to what ever I want .Our Spelling List this month includes words like ,Halloween,Witch,Candy,Spooky,Ghost among her regular spelling words.
We are also going to visit a pumpkin patch this year and learn about how long it takes for a pumpkin to get Big enough to make a Jack O'latern out of  ,Of course once carved the seeds will be used to make a yummy snack.

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