Friday, September 24, 2010

Home-Schooling in Florida

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my Wonderfully Sunny State " FLORIDA " !
My daughter really enjoyed learning about the place in which she lives , But for us as home-school parents,We really should know more the just our state Bird,Flag ,Tree ect. ect....We should know about all the Florida resources available to us.
The First thing you Must  learn is your State Laws ,As every state is different.After you have done this I recommend browsing  forums / message boards , Talking to others who are already  home-schooling can offer  valuable support & information ,Giving you the confidence needed to begin your home-school journey.
One area of concern for most parents is teaching them at home ,They are concerned about thier ability & how it may effect their child's education.I can understand this,Remember that children are smart & with your one on one guidence &  a good curriculum   you should be just fine,Also do not forget to locate your local home-school groups ,Finding people in your own community who also share your same  choices can be a blessing,Not only for you but your children as well .
Home-schooling is a great choice in your child's education.I have only touched on a few areas,So with anything do your own  Research,Read the fine print & make the Best choice for you and your family ;)

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