Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to school

fter This last year End of year evaluation,I have been really pumped up about getting Back to school with the kids. I have always kinda went with the flow and not had any sort of real schedule.

This year , I really want to give my kids that little extra nudge just to see how much they can really accomplish . So I bought a book & I am keeping records of all they are doing (kinda a pain but keeps me thinking and on my tip toes) I have also took a look see ,at their online lesson plans for their grade level to see what needs to be done this year..

The Great thing is ,Is that we school year round ,So we don't have to do as much weekly/daily .So I am doing our "lessons" 3 days a week & allowing the other 2 days for what ever comes to mind ;)

It has been a couple of weeks and so far so good.I have even noticed my daughter is reading more ( although I think this is due to our facebook time/reading arrangement lol )

I still can not believe summer is already over and New school year has begun,Is it just me ore does time fly faster the older we get ?

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