Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We passed!!!

Yesterday My daughter went for her end of year evaluation.In Florida we have the option to do this instead of state testing.I really prefer this over testing, because it allows me to really see where my kid is at & to get advice,tips & ideas from a Cert. Teacher.

So at the appointment the teacher looked thru some of my daughters work that she had done thru out the year,She also asked my daughter a few questions & did some seat work ,she even did a few riddle games with her ,My daughter thought they were fun .

Afterwards the teacher and I chatted a bit, she said that my daughter was doing really well,She had made great improvements since last year,& that she was at or above her 3rd grade level !!!! :)

She also said my daughter had pretty good spelling skills .Which I was very please to hear,Since we just really started focusing on spelling for her.

This really helps motivate me as home-school teacher/mom to keep on.That yes I am doing a good job and that this is working for my child ...I am not saying I wont have those moments of self doubt,I think all moms whether home-schooling or not have those ,But having the reassurance sure does help keep me positive and motivated !

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