Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home-school Goodies

Just the other day I was talking to another "home-school" mom and the topic of our states standardized testing came up.She was exsplaining how she dreads trying to prepare her kids every year but,that this last year she found these Online SAT courses that have made it so much less stressful on everyone.Even thou I am fortunate enough to live in a state that allows you to use Teacher evaluations in place of state test, I went ahead and kept my personal choice quiet and let her Brag about her new found goodie ;)

Speaking of Goodies,In about 4 days I will be getting a new wireless card that allow me to use several computers at once with just one internet!!! I am super excited since my son is now really starting to do his lessons on a more regular bases,It has been a bit more work only having one computer at a time.I am hoping that with have two computers and internet going at once it will free up more time for interest projects and Fun craft time !!

Home-school goodies that is was makes this job of ours so sweet :-p

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