Friday, October 8, 2010

X= Multiplication Math

Now that my daughter is knee deep into her 3rd grade year,We have went from simple math to yes MULTIPLICATION!!!!

Unfortunately the concept of this type of Math is a bit aggravating for my daughter to get .Just yesterday she asked,why is everything X 0=0??? I tell you if it wasn't for the interactive math program I would be pulling my hair trying to figure out how to make learning this easier for her.

I think what has helped the most so far is the online math flash cards she has been using,They are Awesome! Really has made practicing everyday easier on the both of us ;)

I am just so Glad we live in "2010" where my daughter will not have to endure how we had to learn,Ya'know writing with pencil and paper each X's table hundreds of times ,So that they get drilled into our heads.

Sometimes I wonder how we all managed to get a Good education with out this Great Invention called the computer/Internet combo ;)

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