Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yep! I'm A Gamer

I have decided I am going to buy a bunch of games this year for Christmas. I remember having so much fun growing up playing them with my mom, dad, brothers.. They were so much Fun! Whether your a child or an adult, there will always be something we all have enjoyed playing at one time or another. I know growing up one of my favorite games was Monopoly, I loved it! (nothing like bankrupting friends and family to put a huge grin on yer face lol! ) I still love playing games, I will admit I am an online gamer ((blush)) and Yes! I am addicted to those Facebook games too ((dble blush)). I also get on Pogo and Yahoo and play. Scrabble and Canasta, and Backgammon are my top 3 I play. Of course I am not the only ones in my house who plays games online, my hubby is into Poker and my kids love those kindergarten games, Disney games, Nick Jr, and hink pink online...
~> Can you believe Christmas is 2 weeks away?  Hope everyone is enjoying all of their holiday shopping!

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