Sunday, April 24, 2011

Accidental homeschooler ~> NOT!

Accidental homeschooler ... A term I hear so many times used from other home-school parents. I remember once  when I attend a group for just homeschooling Moms, it was place to hang,vent and get support. At the very 1st meeting they had everyone say a lil something about themselves and their homeschooling life style. There were about 20 + ladies there and about 1/2 of them mentioned being a "accidental homeschooler" When they talked they sounded almost embarrassed like they never had any intention to home-school thier children and that this was a last resort for them. It honestly made me sad and when it was my turn I made it a point to let them Know that for me Homeschooling was Defiantly NO accident! I have always known that I would home-school my children. for me it is the only option and I am very proud to be a Homeschooling Mom :)

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