Friday, April 29, 2011

Homeschooling in Florida

Ahhhhhh..... Homeschooling in Florida, anyone who lives in a place with similar heat will know that summers are for schooling (at least that's my opinion ) We personally school year round and when other are taking their "summer break" that's when are school really gets going ;-) We mainly take advantage of fall and spring months for our Vacation time, when its sooooooo nice.......
Florida really is a great place to home school a child, beside the fact that thier are so many groups and programs here that helps with support and socialisation, the laws are pretty fair too! ( must have either a TEST or evaluation by teacher once a year )
Sometimes I think about what it would be like to live in the mountains or in a colder climate but, then I think about our wonderful beaches and warm winters B-)


topsy-techie said...

Homeschooling in the mountains IS awesome...well, maybe not everywhere, but at least here in Western NC where our mountain climates are fairly mild. But I can certainly imagine that FL winters would be SO great, too!!

Anonymous said...

We studied about the ocean then went to Jacksonville FL to make sure it was as awesome as we thought. It was!:)I can imagine how much fun it is to homeschool with such great weather year round.