Friday, May 6, 2011

How learning changes with time

I remember when I was going to a public school that one of my least favorite subjects was Social Studies. It wasn't because I didn't like hearing about History, in fact now that I am all grown up I tend to watch shows on my TV that are on the history channel. I think what I did not care for was that they would make us copy word from word out of the text books, after some time my hand would cramp up and honestly it never made learning the info any easier : /
That is one thing I knew would change when it came to our homeschool social studies program for my children, luckily it is mainly online and the kids do not have to suffer as I did with mindless coping.
Just recently we have been studying the Exploration of the Americas. It has been teaching  about the history of the United States during the early years of exploration and discovery.  Columbus’ journey, Ponce de Leon, the Seven Cities of Cibola, and other North American explorations have been the topics. Of course since my daughter loves history and science ~> Her Fav subjects!! ;)  We also like to add to our homeschool curriculum by using the TV and books from the library. It is amazing what 20 yrs can do for the options we have for our childs education ~>I love my education choice for my family <3


Korah said...
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Korah said...

I felt the same way about U.S.History/Social Studies/World History etc...when I was in school.

It's such a shame that schools don't bring history alive other than by mundane copy work; because History is actually super interesting and just like you by using the TV, I can watch documentaries with the kids or even without the kids and be completely captivated by it all.